There are many ways to design with flowers that show the recipient how much a person cares. Each flower can carry a meaning and a bouquet can have a theme.

What you'll receive for this class:

  • Lecture packet which includes the history behind the Posy, Flower Recipes and a condensed Floriography Dictionary of popular flowers
  • Video lessons to show you how to create a formal bouquet (the flowers used in the videos are different from what we'll be using in class)
  • Bonus Tussie Mussie video with Casey from Creative Living TV
  • LIVESTREAM lesson via Zoom on May 16, 2020 with Kit & Casey where we will show you another way to create a modern posy

NOTE: This class was originally designed to be an in-person class at our studio in Los Angeles, but due to social distancing, we are offering it as a remote lesson. You can purchase the class and download the lecture file to access flower recipes to make it yourself! Flowers are not included.

Pocket full of Posies Workshop
Casey Schwartz Kit Wertz

Kit and Casey

Sisters, professional floral designers and instructors in Los Angeles who used to embrace "Roundy-Moundy" florals as well as "Sticky-Outy" designs!

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